Pianos – 22 Tips on Moving a Piano

1. Decide where you want the piano to be moved to and have that area ready for it. Make sure there are no cold drafts or heat sources nearby.

2. Clear all obstacles out of the way where the piano is going to be moved.

3. Allow plenty of clearance of all sides of the piano to be moved.

4. Before starting to move the piano, close the lid and lock it.

5. If you are about to move an upright piano, have at least one person stand at each end of the piano.

6. To prevent an upright piano from tipping over, move it endways and not sideways.

7. Be careful not to bend over to avoid serious back injury or strain. Lift with your back straight and with your knees bent.

8. A piano should be moved slowly and carefully a little bit at a time.

9. Care must be taken when moving a piano on carpet, over a threshold or bumps to prevent damage to the legs.

10. When moving a grand piano, position at least one person at each leg of the piano.

11. Take just enough weight off the casters so that it rolls easily, but not so much as to lift it off the floor.

Moving an Upright Piano Room to Room or House to House

12. Do not use ask people who have a history of back problems to help move a piano

13. Everyone moving the piano should wear work gloves so their hands are protected.

14. If the piano is to be moved outside to be placed in a truck for hauling, cover it to protect it from getting wet or dirty.

15. Lock the lid down.

16. Be specific in giving instructions on how and where the piano is going to safely.

17. You should use a heavy duty dolly to prevent damaging the piano, your furniture and to preserve the tuning of the piano. pittsburgh seo company

18. Take some weight off the piano and then roll it endways.

19. Hold onto the handle on the back of the piano while it is being rolled.

20. Go slow, especially over bumps and thresholds

21. Do not push the piano fast so that it won’t tip over when going over bumps, carpeting and obstacles.

More Tips & Warnings

22. Only use friends to help move your piano if you really cannot afford professional piano movers. The price of paying a moving company can be less expensive than if the piano gets damaged, or worse if a person gets injured. If you plan on moving a grand piano across town or up or down stairs make sure you have professional piano movers!


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