How to Dye Your Hair Blonde

Sometimes, we come to the realization that it is time for a change in our appearance. For most of us, it’s nothing drastic that requires plastic surgery or some other expensive procedure. Perhaps a simple change in clothing style or an ear piercing might suffice. How about a change in hair color? Blonde is a popular choice. Most people seem to shy away from this type of change due to a feeling of in competency. It can be a difficult task trying to entrust yourself with the color of your hair, especially when you have no formal training in hair coloring procedures. A drastic color transformation from a darker shade to blonde can make the feat all that more intimidating. Well, the process isn’t as complicated as you might think. If you research your products carefully and take the process one step at time, you are sure to come out looking better than before.

The first step in coloring your hair blonde is choosing the right shade of dye. Don’t be fooled by those pictures you see on the boxes. They are just meant to be a reference point. How dark your hair will be is mostly a function of what you’re starting off with. Those with darker hair will benefit form a more potent hue of blonde, 613 wig as the two extremes will cancel each other out making for a nice shade. You should try to determine whether a “warm” or “cool” hair color complements your skin tone. The lighter the tone, the more you should lean towards the “cool” side.

When you’ve picked a carton of hair dye, head home and give the directions a quick read. You will probably have to wash your hair, apply the color for a set period of time (depending on how strong you want the final shade to be), and then wash it out. Be sure to avoid using harsh shampoos for at least a few days to give your hair time to recuperate from the ordeal. If you accidentally botch the process up, you can always seek the aide of a hair salon, although you should be plenty prepared to handle the costs of an appointment. Going about doing the restoration yourself is risky. You will have to bleach your hair to remove the dye (depending on your original hair color) and then color it yourself. This is a very damaging process, especially when repeated twice.


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