How To Choose The Right Puppy

Dog has the distinction of being the most ancient companion of man and the first domesticated species of animal. History has witnessed the development of several breeds of dogs as well as multi various functions assigned to them.

Today there are about 300 breeds of dogs at the service of mankind. Dogs are generally considered as good pets. For many they are one among the family, for the aged they are good companion, for the blind they help as a guide and for children they are playmate and share happy moments. nahls

Choosing a right puppy is a big task for all of us. Keeping this in mind, I have written some tips to follow while choosing you puppy.


  1. Select a pup that will be healthy, active, frisky, well shaped with good physical qualities.
  2. Avoid puppy with genetic disorders. A veterinary doctor can be consulted while selecting the pup.
  3. Buy your puppy preferably from a reputed Kennel or a dog breeder of integrity to ensure quality.
  4. Puppies should be strong, healthy with plumy bodies, shiny coat, bright eyes, good hearing and able to stand straight on strong legs.
  5. Ensure whether the pup was dewormed, if not take the pup after deworming at the owner’s premises.
  6. Male pup should have both testicles, they should be in the scrotal bag at the time of selection.
  7. While selecting the female pup, avoid one with umbilical or inguinal hernia, because this may interfere with the act of whelping in the later part of its life. Messipoker
  8. Select the puppy when it is 8-12 weeks old.
  9. Make payments and get the pedigree certificate of the pup.
  10. Follow up health care inclusive of vaccinations as per the chart given by the veterinary doctor. preferablepups



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