Wireless Doorbells – The Newest Frontier

I remember my first paying job – a Monday through Friday paper route. I enjoyed the thrill of being able to earn some money. Delivering papers was fun and rewarding. I even enjoyed collecting money from my customers. I would arrive at their door and try to get the attention of the home owner. I had to knock on the door loudly sometimes even kicking the door to get attention. Knocking had its limitations since the sound travels a short distance in the home. Some homes had door knockers either iron or brass which helped draw attention without as much effort. Most homes however, gaming marketing were equipped with wired doorbells. I loved being able to push a button and easily attract the home owner’s attention. My love and fascination with the doorbell began then.

The first doorbells were literally a bell hung on the porch with an internal clapper or an external striker. Electric bells were invented in the mid 1800s. As soon as homes were wired for electricity, the wired doorbell soon followed.

Wired doorbells had the distinct advantage over door knockers because the bell could be positioned further inside the house allowing the sound to penetrate deeper into the home. This system consists of an electrical transformer wired to a push-button at the door and a bell in the interior of the house. Manufacturers created a variety of push-buttons, buzzers, bells, and chimes which allowed the home owner the ability to personalize his space. The 1950’s signified the apex of creativity and options for the wired doorbell industry. gardenfrontier

By the mid 1960s, the wired doorbell industry waned. Many manufacturers got out of the wired doorbell business. This lull continued into the late 1990s. Then, thanks to the incorporation of wireless technology, the doorbell business entered a renaissance period. Again the first wireless doorbells were very similar to their wired counterparts; however, as digital chip technology became inexpensive and digital audio became pervasive, the options available to today’s home owner and the ease of installation are staggering. inrealtor

Modern technology now utilizes a variety of indoor devices to signal the arrival of a visitor. For example, the wireless doorbell receiver can take the form of a traditional-looking buzzer, bell, or chime on the wall to a beautiful picture frame on a table. The wireless doorbell receivers are available in both indoor and outdoor varieties. The sound is no longer limited to just a buzzer, furzly bell, or chime, but can be anything from CD-quality music, a prerecorded message, to an owner-recorded message. Wireless doorbell receivers can be multiplexed allowing multiple to be placed throughout the house, deck, poolside, and garden to ensure your guests are properly announced. bitpapa


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