Limit Damage to the Books in Your Library by Giving Away Custom Printed Bookmarks

Visit any local library, boccaccioravello peruse through just about any book on the shelf and you are likely to find dog-eared pages. If you are not familiar with the term ‘dog-eared’ it refers the process of turning down or folding the corner of a page of a book. Many readers will dog-ear a page so they can remember where they stopped reading. The pages of the books could be spared the repeat folding and unfolding if readers used bookmarks instead. Bookmarks can be handed out when a patron checks out a book, or allow patrons to pick up bookmarks as needed by having a stack available at the circulation desk. coloradoskihome

Bookmarks can be designed with a variety of themes. Here are some ideas you may want to incorporate into your design:

– Honor A Special Event – You can honor a grand opening, a summer reading program, or honor a special event such as National History Week.
– Pay Tribute To An Author – If there is an author who has achieved a lifetime of success, or an author like Harper Lee, who wrote just one fantastic novel, you may want to create a bookmark that focuses on the work of that author.
– Provide Library Information – Patrons often want a reminder of things such as library hours, length of time they can check out books and other media, and a list of locations and facilities. For more info please visit these sites :-
– Children’s Reading Program – Provide details on any special programs your library offers that are geared toward children.
– Educational Classes – If your library offers any sort of classes for either children or adults, a bookmark can serve as a great advertisement and promotional tool.


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