Tree Planting

Tree planting is not only a great way to enhance the beauty of your garden but also to encourage wildlife.

When choosing which tree to plant choosing a native species will support a wider range of plants and insects which then provide food for birds and mammals, than non-native exotic species, native species are more likely to thrive in challenging weather conditions and importantly maintaining local landscape and heritage. hollywoodfoodstyling

Depending on your garden size there are plenty of native species to choose from, based upon what you are trying to achieve within your garden.

Positioning of your tree is key, and will save future problems, by knowing how big your tree will be when it’s fully grown is a crucial to know, its important to take into account proximity to buildings, electricity lines, blocking neighbours views and drainage.

The best time to plant your trees and shrubs is early spring or autumn, this is due to the trees being dormant at this time, so minimal damage will be done to the tree when planting, also the soil is in good conditions, being warm from the summer, and moist from fall.

Pruning should also be done in around this time if necessary, as its likely all birds and mammals living within the tree will have relocated due to its leaves being shed. palosverdeslifestyle

For the smaller gardens, indigenous species trees such as crab apple, willow and hazel are good for creating small hedges or clusters. Hawthorn, blackthorn and holly are also good but are prickly so consider this when deciding where to plant your tree. Also the Dogwood once fully matured reaching up to 6 metres big this blossoms in spring time a beautiful array of budding flowers. For more info Please visit these sites:-

Japanese Maple trees are a bigger plant growing up to 12m at 20 years, they are known for their fantastic autumn colour and beautiful foliage, they are ideal for growing in containers, which then require re potting in larger ones every couple of years

The Beech, also known as ‘Lady of the Woods’ is one of our best known native trees, reaching up to 40 metres its optimal position is for large gardens as an ornamental tree. In full leaf the beech creates an admirable canopy, allowing little sunlight to the ground beneath.


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