HDD Defragmenter Removal Tutorial – How To Perform A Complete HDD Defragmenter Removal On Your PC

f you come upon the HDD Defragmenter, do not download it. This is a twin of the System Defragmenter which was released recently and is a scam. Both of these viruses are disguised as antivirus and system security scans and are packaged as legitimate and professional programs. But in fact, these are fraudulent programs that were released by hackers to get you to buy the fake program’s full upgrade. Do not be fooled by this virus! If your PC has been contaminated by this virus, follow the steps which will be discussed below on how to get rid of it. drivingschoolintoronto

What is the HDD Defragmenter?

The HDD Defragmenter is a kind of virus that works the same way as most viruses do. It gets into the PC somehow through unsecured access to the Internet, risky downloads, fraudulent mail, spam or by PC users using sites which are not trusted. Once it gets into the computer, it starts infiltrating the system by installing itself. When it starts to run the program, it will start giving out fraudulent alerts and scans, alarming the user of the many infections in the PC. Then, it will present itself as the program to fix such infections while offering the full upgrade at the same time. Simultaneously, Windows features and other important Windows functions are blocked. This prevents the user from easily deleting the virus from the system. This “malware” or malicious software has caused damages to a lot of users worldwide and some have been duped into buying the full upgrade. Remember: the program is just a scam.

How to Remove HDD Defragmenter from Your PC

Frontline Rogue Remover is the best and most reliable tool which can be used to remove the HDD Defragmenter. The program is user-friendly and the instructions are simple enough to follow. You can download it directly from the internet or via another PC if the internet of the infected PC is blocked. Transfer the file using a USB or CD and then install it to the computer with the virus. Once it has finished setting up, it will automatically spot the virus and remove all infections. Unfortunately, only 95% is removed. This is what the registry cleaner is for: the follow up and completely get rid of the virus.

To fully finish clearing out the virus, run the cleaner. It takes out the settings, registry keys and other traces of the virus left in the PC which it might use to reload itself and do the infection all over again. This program is highly recommended and it ensures that the virus has no chance to come back. It will also prevent the PC from having similar problems in the future. temp-mail

If you want to double check the removal process, look into Task Manager and the running processes. End each one of them by clicking the “End Process” button. Then, go to My Computer and delete permanently the directories where the virus installed itself, named as: %Temp%\exe.exe, %Temp%\exe.log and %Temp%\maindll.dll


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