Aluminium Ladders: Titan Double 2.2 Metre DIY Ladder Review

Many people take great pride in maintaining their homes, inside and out. These people not only enjoy working on DIY projects, large and small, but also they take care to do everything right. One of the most important pieces of DIY gear you can own is a quality ladder. Although ladders come in a variety of materials, such as wood and fibreglass, most homeowners prefer aluminium ladders. copart

Why Choose an Aluminium Ladder?

Aluminium is the ideal material for ladders for several important reasons. First, aluminium is exceedingly durable and does not rust. This means that you can safely store your ladder outdoors with no fear of it rusting or corroding. You may notice some surface pitting on your aluminium ladder, but this in no way affects its strength or performance. Aluminium ladders also are quite light in weight compared to other materials, Dog training such as wood. So, even a large aluminium ladder is easy for a single person to move and position properly. There also are aluminium ladders that fold for compact storage.

About Ladder Classes

Every DIYer should be aware that there is a system of ladder classifications and duty ratings that will help you choose the right ladder for your needs. These are Class 1 industrial duty, EN131 (previously Class 2) trade duty and Class 3 domestic duty. For most homeowners, a Class 3 ladder is the best choice in for both serviceability and price. The well-known British brand, Titan, makes a great line of Class 3 ladders that are perfect for home use. The Titan Class 3 double 2.2 metre (7ft4) DIY aluminium ladder is especially noteworthy in this regard. woles4d

About the Titan Double 2.2 Metre DIY Aluminium Ladder

This is a superbly crafted, British made ladder designed for home use only. It is not suitable or safe for trade or industrial applications. This ladder features box section stiles that have a “D” shape. This means that the top of the rung is flat, rather than rounded. A ladder with D rungs is much more comfortable and safer to stand on. This feature is important for those tasks, such as painting, that require you to stand on the ladder for extended periods. The Titan double 2.2 metre ladder also features alloy fittings that lend exceptional strength to this lightweight model. In addition, it’s fitted with non-slip rubberised feet that keep the ladder securely positioned, even outdoors in bad weather. Aluminium kozijnen

Features and Specifications

The ladder has a 2.2m (7ft4) closed length and a 3.7m (12ft) extended length. Each of the two sections contains 7 rungs. The ladder weighs just 7kg (15.4lbs). It carries a duty rating of 95kg (15st). Remember that the duty rating includes both the weight of the user and the weight of any tools or materials being transported up or down the ladder. The ladder carries a BS2037 kitemark and sells for about £60.00, satisfied-being including VAT and free delivery.


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