Remodel: Small Bathroom

Whether you are redecorating or completing a small bathroom remodel, animeloved simple improvements can maximize your space and home value. As you begin to envision your redecoration, you should focus on four key components: bathroom storage space, bathroom countertops, bathroom light fixtures, and window coverings-like bathroom blinds-if they are necessary.

Small Bathroom Remodel – The Sink Area

You are probably accustomed to using the areas around the sink for storage, bterapiaberles but rather than just using a cabinet below the sink there are a few other improvements you may want to consider. Installing an external sink, that is a sink that sits completely on top of the counter, replete with plumbing inside the wall will allow you optimal storage space below the sink area. When using this design you do not have the clutter of pipes and tubes directly beneath your sink. In most sink counters, you find drawers on either side of the sink. Instead of this common design consider leaving these side compartments free of drawers and instead use adjustable shelves. The shelves will allow storage just like drawers, but the adjustable height will allow you to accommodate a wide variety of necessities. Using these methods enables full use of the area directly below the sink.

For the areas directly around the sink, consider a towel rod, a towel shelf, and a traditional medicine cabinet with exterior mirror. Instead of using the space beneath your sink for towels, install a shelf at approximately six feet from the bathroom floor on which you will stack your clean towels. Just below this shelf, place a rod on which you can hang used but not soiled towels. On the opposite side of the sink from the towels, your medicine cabinet should be built into the wall, so the space used for the cabinet should be recessed into the wall. It is recommended you store your toiletries in this medicine cabinet. A mirror on the medicine cabinet’s exterior will help the small bathroom appear larger. After installing these fixtures, you will want to consider what type of material to use for a bathroom counter. The counter material should closely resemble the flooring in color and texture. It is also recommended you use a lighter color countertop material, as this will also help make the area appear larger. Including this additional storage area will pay large dividends later and make your small bathroom remodel well worth the time and expense.

Small Bathroom Remodel – Bathroom Lighting

Lighting may be one of the most important factors to consider when completing your small bathroom remodel. You may have a window, and therefore, the option of natural lighting. Consider using interior wooden shutters or durable, light-colored blinds for your windows. Wooden shutters are easier to clean and adjust, and more and more wooden shutters are installed in high-end residential development. Whether you do or do not have the luxury of natural lighting, your interior light fixtures are a key component of the bathroom design scheme. Your light fixtures should closely match the sink fixtures, as well as switch-plate covers. Brushed nickel is most common and currently in style. A dimming switch is cheap and easy to install and may be preferred. With all of these affordable additions, your small bathroom remodel may increase your home’s value considerably. For more info please visit these sites:-


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