How Your Small Business Can Hire Like a Tech Giant

Since the rise of the internet, the duty of finding the best candidates to fill a position has grown to encompass, potentially, thousands of applicants, techsifts especially considering the number of applicants able to use the internet for promotion, applications, and researching of possible jobs. While you have been sifting through the dozens of resumes and applications on your desk, you find yourself wondering about the personalities of each applicant. If you would prefer to motivate your human resources or other hiring department during the hiring process, Techjunkien take the time to understand how the largest corporations choose who to hire and how to track new employees.

How do you know who will mesh the best with other co-workers,


and will that person be able to fulfill the role required? Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, identified the optimum, nine things that you should consider when hiring a candidate. The dos and don’ts of hiring from Google are designed to help you select an employee who will have a fulfilling experience in the company. As such, the amount and quality of work will exceed your expectations and bring more happiness, as well as profits, into the company. Some of the most vital key-points of the Google 9-Rules for Hiring include the following:


  • Hire someone smarter than yourself as you will be able to learn from them.
  • Hire those who will have personal input in your operations and culture.
  • Hire those people who show a driven passion for work and don’t simply want any job possible.
  • Hire people who exhibit honesty and integrity and who have no problems in communications.
  • Hire someone with a broad set of skills, so the he or she will be able go above job expectations.
  • Hire someone who will enjoy working in groups to provide insight and feedback into your operations.
  • Hire someone who will grow as a person throughout the time employed with your company.
  • Hire someone with a well-rounded personality to promote diversity and acceptance of others in the workplace.
  • Don’t hire someone who doesn’t fulfill all of these requirements.


In addition to Google’s nine preferences for hiring, you should consider the improvements and efficiency created when you use technological advancements. By utilizing this software–there are dozens of individual types of Applicant Tracking System Software available–you will be able to make sure that a highly qualified applicant doesn’t get overlooked or misplaced. You’ll be able to clear the clutter away from your desk, and you will get to the interviewing part of hiring much more quickly.


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