Online PR – How to Get Your Business Found at the Top of Search Results Using Online News Releases

Every day thousands of people in your city use Google and other search engines to find information about local businesses so they can research and buy the products and services those businesses provide – and online PR has the power to put your business’ website or local business accounting listing at the top of the search results so that it gets found earlier and gets clicked more often.
And this means more phone calls and foot traffic to your business – which can translate into leads and sales. And because online PR services are one of the most inexpensive forms of advertising and promotion – paid services like PRWeb will distribute your press release all over the Web for as little as $80 – the return any individual press release generates can be many times over the investment.

This makes online PR the proverbial “no-brainer” for anyone vpxco who understands the benefits of getting content ranked at or near the top of Google’s first page (the top two to three results on Google typically capture more than 50%-60% of all of the clicks).

How Press Release Distribution through Online PR Services Works

The process for using press releases to promote your business through online PR services is simple and straightforward:


  • Create a free account with a service like PRWeb
  • Write something about your business or the products and services optoki you offer that is timely and interesting:
  • Submit your content to a service like PRWeb (there are services that distribute press releases for free but they come with limitations in terms of reach and what you can do with the content)
  • The service distributes your press release to major search engines, news wires, journalists, influential bloggers, and other important media channels
  • Your news release gains visibility in the search results and sends traffic to your website or local business listing
    • Promotions or sales
    • Grand openings or in-store events
    • Limited-time offers
    • New services or product lines
    • Local events
    • Sponsorship of a team or a cause
    • Staff appointments and promotions
    • Seasonal developments


Of course, there’s no guarantee that your press release will capture a top ranking in Google’s search results (or the search results of other search engines) no matter what online PR service you use. newsheater That depends upon how well you optimized the press release after you wrote it.

Online PR Could be the Best Money You Ever Spend to Promote Your Business

Distributing a press release through service like PRWeb costs anywhere between $80 for basic news release distribution to $360 for premium news release distribution (with a couple of price points in between).

Although there are, of course, differences in what each PRWeb online news release package offers, all of them come standard with the following:


  • Positioning on the PRWeb website
  • Indexing in major search engines
  • Positioning on major online news websites
  • Placement on industry news feeds
  • Placement on regional news feeds
  • Embedded website
  • File attachments
  • $50 Google ad credit


This means that it’s possible for an $80 investment in online PR to help you capture a top position in the search results. And, with it, all of the highly motivated search referral traffic that comes, in large part, as a result of a top position in the search results (research shows that people who use search engines have a high propensity for taking action).

Ultimately, online PR is a great way to create local buzz about a business and, more importantly, generate a sudden – and significant – surge in traffic to a business’ website or local business listing.

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