The Amber Wizard, By David Forbes, Book Review

David Forbes has caught my attention with his debut novel “The Amber Wizard.” He has taken fantasy reading in a new direction. Most of today’s fantasies are becoming forbes too complicated in their characters to the point where you need a glossary to understand what you are reading. His characters are simple and well described. When you read the character’s name you know who they are without researching back and forth. He has kept dani-info the story to wizards, humans and a minimum of creatures. I found the book to be extremely interesting and a pleasure to read. Sometimes less is better. I am definitely looking forward to reading more of David Forbes books.

The Amber Wizard introduces you to Gerin Atreyano, apkdnews the Crown Prince of Khedesh and his family. Gerin has become the Crown Prince when his father ascends to the throne. As he is learning his new position, a wizard shows up and tests Gerin for magical powers. Gerin turns out to be the Amber Wizard foretold of over a thousand years ago. Gerin now has to learn to be a Crown Prince and a wizard. Gerin has a drive to succeed beyond expectations, which leads to family conflict, jealousy, destin danger and death.

David Forbes has brought together everything needed to make a fantasy that people can relate to. He has sibling conflicts, a parent wanting to have what their child has accomplished, family love and devotion, and sacrifice. It is not the perfect family, which makes the characters more believable.

The Amber Wizard started out as a fast read in the beginning with a lot of interaction going on. It slowed down a little in the middle and then picked up again ending with a satisfying conclusion. You will not have to wait to find out what happened because the story ended,  but you will want to find out what happens next in the life of Gerin Atreyano.


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