Card Printers – A Daily Necessity

Crimes by impersonation and fake identity have become a common sight to see and news to hear these days. This necessitates the importance of identity cards for every person. viz-es-futes These days most employers to include software industries, banks, and even hospitals insist on photo identity plastic cards for their employees. These cards would contain important details about the person including name, age, sex, employment details, and blood group. Companies have made it strict for the employers to carry and swipe the entry card to make their presence in the attendance data. Not only identification cards but also almost everything in our life has been simplified to plastic cards for example ATM cards, membership cards, restaurant cards. zarban

Printers used for printing cards are called card printers. These printers are different from paper printers in terms of ink, paper and the lamination used. They have different printers employed for different kinds of cards using different techniques. The card printers use a stock of cards as a base to print the cards. epit-esz They can print cards with full color using CMYK that is cyan, magenta, yellow and black four-color printing process and without full color photographs by using spot colors on the sheet fed by offset printing. Card printers use a technology called thermograph to get the raised effect on the cards. This is usually seen on ATM cards, villanyt-szerel membership cards and less likely on an identification card. This is relatively a cheap process using a plastic powder, which adheres to the wet ink. The card printers also give the cards a gloss finish done by UV glossy coating or other aqueous coating. This helps in speeding the process of manufacturing preventing the ink from one side of the card to offset on the back of the other card. There are a variety of card printers being used these days made by companies like Zebra, Evolis, Fargo, Magicard printer. They have different grades of products to suit the need of the customers. izomautok

Magicard printer is a company dealing with cards as early as 1993 offering arrange of products like Pronto, Enduro, Rio 2E, Tango 2E,Tango+L,Prima 4. receptek Pronto and Enduro are categorized as the badge series while the rest falls under professional series. In the badge series pronto is manually operated but Enduro can be both manually and automatically operated. All the printers in the professional series are automated. Except for Pronto and Rio2E all the other cards printers from Magicard are double-sided printers. Only Tango+L and Prima 4 have the feature of laminator. The print technology used is dye sublimation except for Tango+L and Prima 4which uses reverse transfer print technology. The print speed for Magicard printers for color is 22-60 seconds and for monochrome is 6 to 7 seconds. Magicard have universal offices in USA, China, UK and Dubai. They have also dealers in almost all the countries and their products can be bought online. Magicard have always been delivering good quality printers,  which make it easy for the customers to decide from available choices. skyemetalcoating


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